Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Lesson 2- Year 1 (without notes)- Functions

1.       Guess my rule- Function Machine:
Explain what a function machine is! Examples to ask the kids: Changing sizes, changing color, cooking, breaking, changing direction or coming upside- down, different shapes, math (adding and subtracting numbers), etc. Give me an object. I will put it into the function machine (draw a box), and out will come a different object. What is the function?  Try to think of a function machine of your own. Tell everybody your object changes, let everyone figure out. (If the kids ask me to figure it out, try to get it wrong).  
2.       Sitting Animals:
There are some animals (with tails) in a square room. There is one animal in every corner (there are four corners), there is an animal sitting on each of those animals’ tails, and, there is an animal sitting across from each of those animals. Use toy animals.
3.       Crossing the River:
(Name of one of the kids) was jumping over the stream, from the side where his house was, to the forest. He jumped 4,7,12 times back and forth. Where did he end up, on the side of his house, or on the side of the forest? How did you figure it out? Give toys to each of the kids, and draw a stream in the middle of the table, and let the kids explore.
4.       Mirror Game:
Get a partner, and stand facing each other. Make one person the mirror, and the other person the real one looking into the mirror. Ask the kids that are the real people to raise their right hand. What hand should the mirror raise? After they explore a little, take them to a big mirror to check.
5.       Less or more?
1.       Are there more rabbits or more animals? Why?
2.       Katya likes ice cream more than nuts and nuts more than oranges. What does she like more, ice cream or oranges?
3.       A mouse is bigger than a cow, and a cow is bigger than an elephant. Who is bigger, the mouse or the elephant?
4.       A worm, a bicycle, and an airplane had a contest.-who’s the fastest. The worm was faster than the bicycle, and the bicycle was faster than the airplane. Who’s faster, the worm or the airplane?
6.       Algorithms: In what order do you do this?
1.       Close the facet, open the facet, dry hands, and wash hands.
2.       Go to school, wake up, go to sleep, eat breakfast, put on your socks
3.       Imagine and describe what an orange/egg would look like, taste like, and smell like?
7.       Tick-tack-toe:
Play tick-tack-toe. Then, afterwards, play inverse tick-tack- toe (the kids have to try and not line up their figures or shapes in a line.

8.       Play robot!