Thursday, December 20, 2012

Lesson 10- Mobeuis Strip- Year 1

1.      Make a normal loop (ring), just to show the kids the difference later between a normal loop and a Mobius strip.

2.      Make a Mobius strip. Ask the kids what it is. Is it just a plain loop of paper?

3.      How many sides do you think it has?

4.      Have a toy animal move around the edge of the Mobius strip. What happened? Where did it end up? Mark the starting point with a pencil.

5.      Explain what a Mobius strip is, and how it is made.

6.      Cut down the middle of the Mobius strip. What will happen? Did it divide into two pieces? A larger strip formed! Do you think that we can make an even bigger strip?

7.      Cut down the center of the larger strip. What happens this time? The same thing? Keep repeating this, until it forms a huge loop.

8.      Cut down the edge of a Mobius strip. What will happen now? It divides into two rings interlocked with each other!

9.      Magic trick with dice- what number is on the other side? Let the kids guess.

1Matchstick puzzles (below)

·         Flip a house upside down. How many matchsticks do you have to move?
·         Turn the fish around.
·         Make three triangles into four.

1  Shape Shuffle

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