Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Lesson 3- Year 1 (without notes) - Robots and Algorithms

1.      Give them a few examples of questions:
Is tomorrow Friday?
Do you have a brother?
Is 1+1=3?
Do witches fly on elephants?
2.      Now you ask me a couple of questions that I can answer yes or no to.
3.      Can you answer yes or no to all questions?
4.      Can you give me an example of a question that you can’t answer yes or no to?
For example,
Why is the sky blue?
What is the color of a dragon’s head?
5.      I will think of an object, and you can ask only yes or no questions, can you figure it out?
6.      Play Robot. Let the kids give directions to achieve a goal.
Ask the kids to hide a toy in the room, and one by one, give me instructions of how to get to it.
7.      Say the opposite of the given word
1.      Fix
2.      Find
3.      Sit
4.      Open
8.      Can you find the opposite of the words:
1.      Orange-fruit
2.      Paper
3.      Box
4.      Square

9.      Algorithms: In what order do you do this? Describe.
1.      Close the facet, open the facet, dry hands, and wash hands.
2.      Go to school, wake up, go to sleep, eat breakfast, put on your socks
3.      Imagine and describe what an orange/egg would look like, taste like, and smell like
10.  Does order matter?- have a short discussion

11.   First, I should ask everybody to explain to me how to put a toy into a flipped over box, even though I’m a robot, and don’t know much stuff. Ask the parents (or if they don’t want to, then the kids), to achieve something with everyone else’s instructions. 

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