Sunday, March 9, 2014

Year 2 - Lesson 11

Some ideas are borrowed from информатика школа 2100
·         A man walked into a hotel and went on the elevator to the third floor. Then he went up again the same amount as last time. What floor is he on now?
At first they said the 6th floor (and that’s what I expected), and then after drawing diagrams, they counted and saw that it was actually the 5th.
·         How many squares are needed to make a square double the size?
They had no idea how to do this at first, but after a few hints, the figured it out.
·         Fold cube nets into cubes
For some reason the kids loved this, even though most of their cubes looked more like spheres :D
·         Help K. get some strawberries – one jar says “the strawberries are here” and the other one “there are no strawberries in either of these jars”. We know that either the labels are both correct, or both wrong. Which jar should K. open to get some strawberries?
They tried one option, it didn’t work, tried the other, it worked, and they were done.
·         K, M, and D are playing ball. One of them loses the ball. You know that one of these statements is true and one is false:
1.      K. lost the ball
2.      M. didn’t lose the ball.
Who lost the ball?
Well I think this is a good problem but it didn’t go anywhere because at this point the kids started fooling around so I moved on.
·         Number – Name (letter) codes:
1.      (name of kid)- 1234
2.      (name of kid) - 3454
3.      (name of kid) - 6454
4.      (name of kid) - 3476
a)      1 – letter
b)      2 – letter
c)      3 – letter
d)     4 – letter
e)      5 – letter
f)       6 – letter
g)      7 – letter
Let them then decode 14, 7454, 1267, and 34674
Figure out which number is whose name.
Now make your own number codes.
Have a partner figure them out.
This was a fun and relatively simple activity.

Make a drawing:

1 – triangle
2 – square
3 – circle
4 – green
5 – blue
6 – red
7 – choose your color

A.   Draw a big 3
B.   Inside the 3, on the left draw a 1
C.   Inside the 3, on the right draw a 2 so that it intersects with the 1
D.  Draw a little 1 somewhere in 3 but not in the other shapes
E.   The part that is both 2 and 1 color 6
F.    Color the rest of 1 with 4
G.   Color the rest of 2 with 5
H.  Color the rest of the 3 with 7

Some of the kids did this, others ran off to play because they were tired.

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