Sunday, March 9, 2014

Year 2 - Lesson 14

The kids were playing around a lot and not listening this class. They were climbing under the table, swinging on their chairs, rolling around, poking each other… Well it’s a good teaching experience for me, I guess J
1.      Which of the operations below makes the largest odd number?
a)     3*1+2*4
b)     3*(1+2*4)
c)      3* (1+2)*4
d)     (3*1+2)*4
2.     Kristina, Max, Dima, and Matthew had an apple eating contest. The person who ate the most apples won. Kristina ate more apples than Max, and Dima ate fewer apples than Matthew. We also know that Dan did not win the contest. Who ate the most apples?

*Do a problem about backwards problem solving with shapes and adding/subtracting to get to a result*

In 36 years, I will be 100 years old. How old am I now?



4.     Othello symmetry
5.       Order R, A, and C from least to greatest. What do they spell out?
7-2 = R                 
6.       Mugesti 6 km left. Behaiesti 4 km left. Cripesti 2 km right. Mormaiesti 5 km right. What’s the distance between Behaiesti and Mormaiesti?
7.       Vivi said to Bibi, who is standing behind him, “Behind me, 4 coworkers are standing”. Bibi answered “In front of me, only 3 coworkers are standing”. How many clowns are in the line?
8.       Dan has a bag of yellow, orange, red, green and brown candies. There are 20 pieces of candy. He first eats only the yellow, red and orange ones. How many pieces are left in the bag?
9.       Dan left his home at 8:00 AM. He left school at 12:30 PM. The walk home takes 30 minutes. How long was he gone from his house?
10.   What number is next? 209, 902, 290…?

Play mastermind and many-people blokus – we didn’t get to this

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